Candace Boissy Photography

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SpecialtiesArtistic, Fashion, Corporate, Portraits, Pets, Sports, Wedding / Events
Business NameCandace Boissy Photography
Contact NameCandace Boissy Photography
Street26073 Jawaher Pl
CountryUnited States
Zip/Postal Code20105
Phone(323) 497-1985

Candace is a photographer and content creator based in Northern Virginia. She works with people, brands and businesses to create stunning portraits and creative content for websites, social media and more.

For 15 years Candace traveled the world as a photographer and director creating branded content, commercials, television series and films, for clients such as The IRC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and 20th Century Fox.

Her passion for visual arts, storytelling and connecting with people led her to start her own photography studio in Northern Virginia in 2018.